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Disney World Resorts

Disney World Resorts What family holiday could be more delightful than one spent at fabulous Disney World resorts? They can be pricey, so you may wish to consider making your holiday headquarters at a nearby, less expensive hotel or motel. See our Lodging page for some excellent ideas about how to save cash on your Disney holiday.

Everyone enjoys a stay at Disney World resorts, but there are surely less expensive places to call headquarters on your next Disney family vacation. There are hundreds of very nice, clean, comfortable hotel rooms within easy distance of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Many hotels in the vicinity of Disney offer shuttle service to and from the theme parks. Once you and your kids are sleeping, you won't know if you're in one of the official Disney World resorts or not. Save a lot of cash on hotel rooms, and you'll have more to spend doing other fun things during the course of your American vacation.

We offer a range of great ideas that will keep more cash in your pockets. See our Lodging page for several ways to save on your hospitality expenses. Sleeping off Disney property is only one of our good ideas. Meals are another thing that will consume a major portion of your vacation budget, if you eat them on Disney Studio park property. Get a nearby hotel room with a refrigerator, and keep a selection of healthful foods and snacks there. Eat breakfast in your room before heading to the theme park for the day, and you'll already be ahead of the game, money wise. See our catalog of Walt Disney World and Disneyland merchandise, too. We stock, sell and ship all sorts of wonderful things that make perfect gifts for kids of all ages. Bookmark our page and check back often. Disney World Resorts

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